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Subscribe to the first issue for only 9.99e (+ shipping) and allow the collection to be release. If the goal is reached the collection will be released in January 2023!
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before the end of the project

How the participatory project
does work ?

  • What is a participatory project?

  • We offer you the possibility to become a major actor of the future collection! It’s up to you to decide if the Warriors of the World project will become an official collection in its own right by subscribing to the first issue. If the 2 500 backers threshold is reached, the adventure will continue and it will be thanks to you!

  • How to participate in the project?

  • It’s easy, just subscribe to the first issue of the collection which is 9.99€ (instead of 14.99€) + 0.99€ for shipping. Thus your participation will be counted among the 2 500 necessary for the release of the collection Warriors of the World.

  • What are my advantages  in participating in the project?

  • By participating in the project, you will have direct access to the digital content of the first issue of the collection: The Samurai. And you will also benefit from a reduced price on the first issue, at 9.99€ and on all the others of the collection at 12.99€ instead of 14.99€.

  • Will I be refunded if the project does not succeed?

  • Yes, if the project doesn’t reach its goal within the allotted time, we will contact you to let you know if we release the collection or if we refund your entire participation fee of 9.99€ + 0.99€ shipping costs. And you will not receive a figurine N°1. On the other hand, we let you have unlimited access to the Samurai file for a month, for free!

  • What will be the official release date?

  • If the number of backers is reached at the end of the given period, the collection will be definitively released 3-4 months after the end date of participation. That’s when you will receive your first figurine, and your subscription will start. You will receive 2 figurines every month.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

  • Your participation in the participatory project automatically commits you to the subscription of the Warriors of the World collection, when the collection is officially released.

    However, if you wish to terminate your subscription, you may, at any time, write us an email
    indicating that you wish to cancel your subscription to the Warriors of the World collection. We will terminate your subscription the following month and you will not receive your next 2 figurines, or access to the interactive files.
    However, your access to the previous folders you have already purchased will remain unlimited!

My subscription
And my benefits

To thank you for your participation in the project, here are the advantages we offer you with your subscription to the Warriors of the World collection!


  • Receive your issue for only 12.99€ (+ 0.99€ shipping*) instead of 14.99€ for the entire subscription.

  • Receive 2 exclusive collectible figurines and your digital content once a month at home. Your digital content will be available on our website before the arrival of your figurines to get a sneak preview of all the secrets of the great warriors.

  • Secure direct debit**

  • * Shipping costs apply for each issue. You must therefore count 0.99€ per issue (1.98€ per shipment).

    ** As soon as the World Warriors collection is officially released, and after receiving your first figurine: The Samurai, you will be automatically charged at the beginning of each month.


Subscribers left to launch the collection!

The subscription gives access to the online files of each warrior on the website

Some advantages if you subscribe to
the Guerriers du Monde collection


  • If the goal is reached, and the Guerriers du Monde collection is officially released, you will be free to discontinue your subscription at any time without charge.


  • Starting with issue 2, prices are guaranteed to be fixed for the entire duration of the collection, i.e. €12.99 per issue + €0.99 shipping if you subscribe to the participatory project (i.e. a total of €27.96 per month) or €14.99 per issue + €0.99 shipping if you subscribe later (i.e. a total of €31.96 per month)


  • Receive your two figurines from Guerriers du Monde collection directly to your home every month.


  • You can also take advantage of the direct debit system to avoid missing any issue, if the collection reaches its goal of 3000 subscriptions!